Hello friends. In this post, let us dive into personality development and its impact on career growth.

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Psychology says –“Personality development is the continual process of improvement in an individual’s behavioral patterns and adaptability towards varied thought patterns, feelings, and demeanor throughout the lifespan”

Your distinct personality makes you unique. It makes you out of the crowd. So why do we need to care for personality development or improvement? Why does it link to career improvement?

The simple answer is that all kinds of personality traits are not appreciated and are not suitable in particular circumstances in the corporate world. There are unspoken laws which got adapted and inherited in the industry generations back. There has been a lot of improvement in behavioral standards and communication practices which are labeled as “soft-skills”.

Nowadays people with good and well developed corporate ethics and awareness of personal etiquettes in business are preferred over their competitors. They are proven to be better in working as a team and handling business peers with ease.

Now the question is what are the steps required to excel in “soft skills”?

First of all, you must know that personality is unique. There is no way anyone can alter personality naturally. But, with proper guidance and practice, one can improve his/her ‘soft skills‘ and ‘communication ability‘ to be a better team player.

I am into corporate teamwork, business development, and customer delivery for the last five years. I usually work with large teams and interact with multiple B2B customers on a daily basis. This is my job requirement. I have seen that the level and type of communication vary in various roles and projects. To cope up with the ever-changing scenario, I have undergone several pieces of training from my organization. Companies do focus on soft skills more than we think.

I am listing out several actions that you should start taking in your corporate and day-to-day life. Start making a habit in keeping these facts in mind while you communicate.

  • Always put the team and team-members first – Most projects and works in the corporate world are not possible to be solved individually. That is why teams are formed. It helps in work division and distribution. When it comes to an individual, all communications are made within and across teams. A good team player is one who considers the views of the fellow team members, respects them, and takes decisions in a neutral manner. Any views should be put in favor of the team and should not impact the image. Always keep ego and negative emotions at bay. Thank and praise someone openly for helping. Be open towards feedbacks and concerns.
  • Listen and then respond – While handling people, start making a habit of listening. There will be long phone-calls and boring meetings which will need your active presence. Always listen and analyze before responding. This is a very crucial factor in character building which not only improves your soft-skills but can also help you personally and in relationships.
  • Keep your points clear – Be clear in communicating and conveying your information. Don’t hurry or miss out on points. Always maintain a neutral tone in conversation (no extreme emotions).
  • Reach out and ask for clarity – You may hear this a lot – ‘be pro-active‘, if you are not responsive enough. Don’t be lazy, just ask all your doubts and requirements, how irrelevant they might be, and get them cleared beforehand. It is always better to have an answer ready than saying ‘um sorry, I missed that point‘.

This post will be updated soon with many other personality improvement studies.

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