Hello folks. It is the burning aspiration of most of you industrious professionals to secure a good job and start a winning career. But how to decide the path? Below, I am sharing an easy guide to help you start with your dream career search.

A perfect dream job and career is one that :

  • It is based on your education, personal interest, knowledge, and area of expertise: You have to find the perfect blend of your interest, education, and knowledge. Be creative while deciding and researching, it may be a life-changer. Give yourself some time and recollect all your academic achievements, training in which you learned something new. You will surely come to know what you are best at. Say, e.g. for a Mechanical Engineer who has a love for computers and software, learning CADD tools can be something helpful in the long term. Again, someone who has been good in literary works and likes playing with words can look for technical writer and documentation based profiles. In the long run, interest and expertise based job filtering is highly satisfying as ” you do what you love to do “.
  • Job that’ pays well and respects your knowledge and professionalism: All jobs and organizations are not at the same level. Your task is filtering out the ones that don’t serve your purpose. Don’t target all. There are startups, medium scale and large MNCs operating in varied domains like products, sales, and services or all. It is up to your choice to select the best fit. Knowing the company’s mode of operation will help you immensely determining whether it suits your needs or not. You may get information by – connecting with the company via Linkedin, check their recent work or achievement posted, connect offline with current and ex-employees. Prepare a list of your personal and professional requirements and see if that is satisfied by the job.
  • Promises a secured career, a balanced life, and an overall growth: This depends mostly on the business strategy, total workforce, yearly profit, and employee policies. Nowadays companies keep these details transparent to the public. Research on them from the company website, Wikipedia, Glassdoor and similar online sources, connect and look out for ex-employees who can give you honest feedback and opinion.
  • It gives you a platform to learn and practice what you value the most in your career: This is important. Search for a job that inspires you and makes you passionate to learn. There should be an adequate resource that a job must provide like on-job training, knowledge sharing via a portal or in-person and inter-team knowledge transfers.

Once you identified a suitable job, you need to correctly start the application process.

Check out my guide on the job application and interview process.

Points to ponder in career planning:

  • Identify your dream career and job early: Select a job that suits best to your lifestyle & career objectives.
  • Build an outstanding job application and profile: Get noticed by the recruiters.
  • Practice and strive: Prepare for the interview and selection process smart and effectively.
  • Always keep your documents ready beforehand: CV, Resume, Cover-letter, Recommendations, etc.

Thank you for reading. Kindly leave your comments.

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