Who are we?

We are College Over™ and our website address is : www.collegeover.com

This web-blog is to keep everyone updated about the happenings in the educational community and the different challenges students face in their professional endeavors.

Currently we are a non-profit project and don’t provide any commercial or paid service. Everything here is for free!! Stay connected…

Privacy Policy : What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

1. Reader Comments

The comments you leave here are safe with us, keep commenting…

2. Media

Upload images, photos, videos, etc..we don’t re-post or share them anywhere else

3. Cookies

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4. Embedded content from other websites

Same as media.

How long we retain your data?

All data is retained indefinitely, but we can’t guarantee of data-retrieval from our blog or websites.

What rights you have over your data?

If you create an account or use any product or software services (whenever available), you may request for a copy of your data and we’ll provide you the best available solution according to our accessibility to internal WordPress elements. Some data may not be retrieved if we don’t have access. Multiple secure third parties (Google, WordPress, etc) are involved in this web-blog and we’ll try our best to provide your requested data.

Where we send your data?

We don’t sell any personal data and that’s a commitment. But, for your own information privacy and security, don’t enter any financial, medical, educational or other sensitive data anywhere in the website, connected apps, products or via email or other communication media. We don’t operate commercially, hence we don’t need any sensitive information from you. Just use an email, phone and a secure password to use almost all free-to-use not for profit features from us.