Studymate – a new way to study

Studymate app is a fun, unique and a new concept to help college students and early working professionals connect with their perfect study partner for free and make learning an enjoyable affair.
It has a disruptive user interaction, a super-fun way to connect with like-minded individuals and study together, meet with new faces, and share stories which can boost creative thinking.
You can create customized events and host them in a public place, connect with groups and grow your professional network.

It has a community-controlled and member-owned structure, which means all the members and the entire community is responsible for the project operations (according to accepted terms & conditions) once the app concept gets developed.

This app is in the concept phase, and I need your feedback to start developing the project. Once developed it will be free to use for all with a not-for-profit objective.

Objective/Motto : Connecting together for a better career.

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